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우리가 강요에 못 이겨했던 그 일을 역사에 남겨두어야 한다. -김학순 할머니



  • Parents' Day Event,'효잔치' for the halmoni
  • 95th Birthday party of Ok-Sun Park halmoni
  • A Documentary movie "에움길"(A long way around)
  • English Language Tour on 20 April
  • 2019 E-Program Session1 on 16th and 23rd March
  • Students from Graduate School of International Studies, Hanyang University
  • English Language Tour on 16 March
  • Movie Screening of Film “A Long Way Around”
  • The 1st March memorial ceremony event
  • 2019 E-Program Orientation & Interview (Session1)


  • House of Sharing Facebook
  • House of Sharing Meetup
  • E-museum of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery
  • Northeast Asian History Foundation
  • WAM Women's Active Museum on War and Peace in Japan
  • AMA Museum in Taiwan
  • War&Women’s Human Rights Museum in Seoul, Korea
  • Heeum Japanese Military ’Comfort Women’ museum in Daegu, Korea