House of Sharing English Language Tour
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나눔의 집

House of Sharing has offered English language tours on the third Saturday of every month. 

The tour is planed for visitors who want to look around "Museum of Sexual Slavery by Japanese Military" and meet "the victims of Japanese military sexual slavery during WWII", so called Japanese military 'Comfort Women'. 


The House of Sharing was opened as a shelter for the victims of Japanese military 'Comfort Women' in 1992. 

The Museum of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery was opened in the House of Sharing in 1998, 

which is the world’s first museum that has the main subject of wartime sex slaves. 

9 victims are living together at the House of Sharing now.


If you'd like to join the tour, please email us on '' with your name, your contact number, and a brief information on you/your group (e.g. how many you are). And you just need to come to the Exit #1 of Gangbyeon station (Seoul subway line 2, green) until noon on the appointed day. We will meet you there (the Exit #1 of Gangbyeon station) at 12 pm, and guide you to the House of Sharing.

We look forward to your joining the tour!


Here's the tour schedule:

12:00  Gathering at Gangbyeon station

13:30  HoS Tour I - Introduction & Watching a video

14:00  HoS Tour II - Museum tour

15:30  Q&A / Discussion session

16:00  Meeting survivors(variable.)

16:45  Departure

* Museum Entrance Fee: KRW 5,000 

* Transportation Expenses: KRW 10,000 for a round trip (shuttle bus)

(plus extra money if you wish to make a donation or buy souvenirs)