BTS's international fans come together to raise money for the survivor…
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The House of Sharing has recently received an influx of donations from international fans of Kpop sensation BTS.

The donation wave of BTS international fans (ARMY) was started from 16 November.

So far almost 300 fans of BTS joined this donation movement.

Through many little donations of $5 or $10 USD, $ 6,000 USD in donations were gathered this week.

The call for donations has been spreading through the SNS community

A fan, who sent donation, said that they are encouraging one another to join this project through SNS.

One of the fans who has helped spread awareness of this issue is a fan translator using the OO handle @doolsetbangtan. 

When asked about how International fans were made aware of the issue, 

she replied “A lot of fans were heartbroken to learn about what happened to the grandmothers when they were only teenagers. 

Korean ARMY’s and supporters of the “comfort women” have also linked interested fans with historical context, videos, and movies.”

Many international ARMY fans left some messages for the survivors of Japanese military ‘comfort women’ and the House of Sharing.


Donations have poured in from countries all over the world including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Austria, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Uruguay, and Costa Rica.

Their project is not exclusive to donation projects. It is also part of another movement to remember the issue of Japanese military ‘comfort women’ and Japanese occupation history. 

The issue of the Japanese and Korean relations prior to 1945 have been a hot button issue for BTS since Park Jimin’s controversial shirt worn earlier this month. 

ARMY’s in Korea have supported the group, and have stressed the importance of education and remembrance of these issues.


Thank you so much for ARMYs' donations and supports.